Yes, it is important to have building project management in Melbourne done by a reliable project manager or a team expert in project management. Whether you hire a company or a freelance individual, it does not matter, what you need to see is that they are trustworthy and have got the required expertise in the field.

There are several responsibilities that building project managers have and without a good project manager, it will be difficult for the construction task or the entire project to turn out well.

So, if you have undertaken a huge construction project, it goes without saying that you need reliable expertise in building project management in Melbourne.

Here are some key responsibilities of people engaged in Building Project Management in Melbourne


From the inception to getting the blue blueprint ready and aligning everything with the project timeline is the duty of the project manager.

The work is not limited to planning the progress of the work but also assigning the work to the team and laying out the plan and a timeline for them as well. All should be done to maximize the effectiveness of the project.

From estimating the cost to developing the roadmap and reviewing the progress, all come under the expertise of building project management in Melbourne.

Hiring and Supervising

The construction work requires a lot of people on a contractual basis. It is the job of the project manager to hire people and also supervise them.

The hiring process is to be done keeping in mind the budget allotted for the project. Hence, every process is to be aligned well with the allotted budget of the project.

All the coordination has to be done by the project manager and ensure that the communication is well-maintained and all are informed about their allotted work and other concerning details.

We are just getting started with Building project management in Melbourne. There is a lot more than a building project manager has to perform. Read ahead and find out more:

Building Project Management

Set Goals

The construction work may be divided into several phases. Each phase requires goal setting. There is an overall goal for the project and there are individual goals that need to be set for each individual. The setting of goals is coupled with analyzing the goals from time to time and taking a good analytical look at the deliverables. Without a project manager, this may fall apart and each person may not have the right goal set for them.


This is by far the most important work assigned to project managers. They have to make sure that all construction sub-projects are carried out to their maximum potential keeping in mind the allotted budget. Not just that, a project manager is also advised to perform cost cutting.

Building project management in Melbourne is an intricate task that requires an in-depth knowledge of market, pricing, management, and leadership.


This is an integral part of the duties of a project manager. The boss and clients must be informed about the different phases of the project and other related information. Maintaining a common loop of information as well as creating an exclusive channel of communication is the work of a project manager. If the communication is not done well then the whole project may end up in a major failure.

Resolving Disputes

The head of Building project management in Melbourne has to double up as the dispute-resolving entity as well. This duty is the same for many projects leads whether it is small Custom Home Builders in Melbourne or project managers of a large project. When a large project takes off, it is common for disputes to arrive. Such disputes may lead to delays in project delivery. Having a project manager who knows problem-solving is what construction or a building project needs!

Drafting of Contracts

There are numerous contracts made from the start to the finish of the project. This duty falls under the belt of the project manager. Now the project manager may delegate these duties to the assistants but it is the project manager or the project management team that’s questionable if the work is not carried out to precision. Whether it is a Renovation Project Manager in Melbourne or a building project manager, this duty forms an integral part of the duties.

Risk Management     

Risk Management is one of the important and core responsibilities of experts in Building project management in MelbourneSome of the project managers are certified in risk management while some know it through long industry experience. Whatever it is, there is no way a project manager will be able to get the best result if the risk management part is a minus.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities of Building Project Manger

Apart from all the major responsibilities above, there are many other miscellaneous responsibilities that the project manager has to perform. Here are some of these:

Scheduling and arranging visits to clients and other allied entities.

Provide support to every person on board in terms of clarity on their responsibility. Also, guide them whenever necessary.

Conduct important meetings from time to time.

Experts on Building project management in Melbourne have to make sure that everyone is equally treated and has a say in matters that concern them personally and professionally.

Please Note- Project managers and construction managers are two phrases used interchangeably and in this blog also they may have been used interchangeably. However, they may not always be the same. The construction manager is concerned only with the construction phase of the project, while a project manager is in charge of the project till the handover.